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Membership starting after 1 October is including the remainder of that year and the following year. The annual membership fee for 2017 is EUR 150 plus 45 entrance fee.

The person below, having a significant responsibility in the transfer of intellectual property, wishes to become a member of LES Benelux. Annual membership of LES Benelux provides privileged access to topic meetings, that year's numbers of the journal 'les Nouvelles' and also membership of LES International. He/she understands that his/her membership is personal and non-transferable, and agrees to conform to the by-laws and Rules of Conduct of LES Benelux (published at, and to pay the membership dues annually until formal resignation. Any such notice of resignation must be given in writing to arrive before 31st of December of any year, to be effective from the start of the following year.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of membership, it is necessary that your particulars (name, address, phone number, e-mail address and areas of professional activity) are supplied to LES International. These particulars are updated on an on-going basis. LESI is incorporated in Delaware, USA. LESI holds these data in a database from which the members directory and other society products ensue. Such a transfer of data is governed by European privacy laws (EU as well as individual member state legislation), which LES Benelux is committed to respecting.

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A new initiative is LES Young Executives (networking, special events). If you are 40 years of age or below, you can join this initiative, please tick the box and give us your birth date.

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